"Things do not change. WE change."

Honoring Dr. King

dr. king

My greatest fear is that our generation will be too afraid to take a stand on the many challenging issues we face, and thus will forgo the great opportunity to change the world. Dr. King’s spirit lives on in his incredibly legacy.  What will the Millennial Legacy be?


State of the Union 2016

Last night President Obama gave the final State of the Union speech of his presidency.  I thought it was a good speech.  He gave an overview of the greatest hits of his time in office, took some good jabs at the GOP — specifically the GOP presidential candidates — talked about the all of the important work that still needs to be done, explained why the U.S. remains a great country (and is still undeniably the most powerful nation in the world), and mentioned his one big regret he has as President.  It was a solid, hopeful speech that had a lot of great moments.  But the part that I particularly loved was when he told the American people that if they want to see a change in Washington politics then they need to fight for it. That it’s on us to push for those changes.  Bravo, Mr. President!

If you read this blog regularly then you know that I have repeatedly said that our politicians don’t listen to us because they don’t need to — because we don’t vote in high enough numbers to make them listen to us.  This is why special interests and lobbyists have so much power in Washington. Their money is more powerful than our votes simply because not enough of us are voting, especially young people. We also don’t speak up enough — write letters or emails to our politicians, attend Town Hall meetings, call the offices of our politicians. There are all kinds of ways we can make our voices heard, but the vast majority of us don’t even bother.

We live in a democracy, where the people are in charge (remember that whole government of the people, by the people, for the people stuff?). So if the people are in charge then the people have to be the ones to demand change. Not participating in the political process will only ensure that special interests and lobbyists continue to have a far greater influence over our politicians than do the people.  And this is what they want.  Our apathy benefits them.  And consequently, our apathy is killing is our democracy.

Another great point the president made — and something that I have also mentioned several times — is that a low voter turnout means that the ones who are voting are the only ones being heard.  And the ones who do vote are almost always on the extreme ends of both sides of the political spectrum.  They are the ones that our politicians listen to because they are the only ones threatening the jobs of our politicians.  All the rational minded people sit out on Election Day, but then have the audacity to bitch and complain about how nothing ever gets done in Washington, that our leaders don’t represent us and our interests, that their vote doesn’t count, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well, geniuses, your vote most certainly can’t count if you don’t fucking vote!

I will be blogging about this issue over and over again this year because I want to do everything I can to inspire and motivate Millennials (and anyone, really) to vote.  I don’t care who you vote for, whether it’s Donald Trump or Donald Duck, just get your ass to the polls (or send in an absentee ballot, if need be) and make sure your voice is heard.  In the eyes of politicians, the only thing more valuable than money is votes.

A Year of Letting Go and Pushing Forward

For those of you who are familiar with Numerology, you probably know that 2016 is a 9 Universal Year.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Numerology, let me explain. There are nine numbers in numerology — 1 through 9 — along with the master numbers 11 and 22, and each number has its own vibrations and energies that give it specific characteristics.  The reason there are only nine numbers, by the way, is because all other numbers can be reduced to a single digit (e.g. 10 is 1+0 = 1; 365 is 3+5+6 = 14 and 1+4 = 5; 2016 is 2+0+1+6 = 9).  While every single person has their own numerologic code based on their date of birth and the letters of their name, every year represents a universal year that is felt by all of humanity.  Last year, 2015, was an 8 universal year (2+0+1+5 = 8), so it follows that this year is a 9 universal year.

Nine has some really cool magical qualities to it.  For example, if you add all single digit numbers together you get a sum that, when reduced, equals nine:  1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 45, and 4+5 = 9. Also, if you take any two-digit number and subtract its mirror, you always get a sum of nine:  54-45 = 9; 73-37 = 36, and 3+6 = 9.  Moreover, multiply nine by any number and you will get a sum of nine:  5 x 9 = 45 and 4+5 = 9;  632 x 9 = 5,688, 5+6+8+8 = 27 and 2+7 = 9.

Nine is also the most humanitarian of the numbers.  Great humanitarian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa had a lifepath of 9 (your lifepath number is your entire birthday reduced to a single digit, for example my birthday is December 1, 1982, which means that my lifepath number is 6:  1+2+0+1+1+9+8+2 = 24, and 2+4 = 6). But as with everything, it has a negative side, which is essentially the opposite of its positive traits. Ayatollah Khomeini and John Wayne Gacy (a serial killer) were also lifepath 9’s.  So this year expect that we will see both the positive and negative sides of the 9.

Positive traits:  Humane, compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, charitable, intuitive, fair, ethical, insightful, authoritative, natural leader, creative, astute, spiritual, benevolent, loving.

Negative traits: Resentful, critical, intolerant, self-righteousness, stubborn, judgmental, impersonal, suspicious, hateful, vindictive, lack of integrity, over-emotional, prejudiced.

Each cycle in numerology runs 9 years, so when we are in year 9 we have reached the last year of the current cycle. And this very important year is all about wrapping up the last nine years and letting go of what no longer serves you so you can begin a new 9-year cycle fresh and free of unnecessary baggage.  It represents closures, completion and culmination.  It is helpful to look back over the last eight years (back to 2007) and review the lessons you have learned and how you have grown.  Most importantly you want to look at all the things in your life — specifically habits or attitudes — that no longer serve you and release them for good.  This can be painful, especially if it means you must end some sort of relationship.  But the 9 year forces us to look closely at our lives and figure out what we need to cut out in order to move forward.  If we don’t do this ourselves, the 9 energy will likely do it for us.

This is what is happening for all of humanity this year.  Each of us has a personal year that has a bigger influence on us individually (I am currently in a 4 personal year — to figure out yours add your month and day of birth to the current year and reduce to a single digit), but we all feel the effects of the universal year.  There is a wonderful numerology website, called Creative Numerology by Christine DeLorey, that is an excellent resource for numerology. Christine just published a great article about what the 9 universal year means.  I’ve copied and pasted it below, and have put in bold all the parts I believe are really important, with one excerpt in a different color to highlight its extreme importance to our generation (read “The Millennial Crisis” section of this website to get an understanding of why this is so important to Millennials).  If you are interested in numerology, please take the time to read this.

It is said that life is a balance of holding on and letting go, and this has never been more true than it is right now in the 9 global year of 2016. If we try to move forward and hold on to the past at the same time, all we achieve is stagnation. In order to move forward, we have to release our grip and LET GO of what is holding us back. It is fear of the unknown – fear of the ‘different’ – that keeps us locked inside this cruel self-destructive system. One of the many functions of 9 is to give us a jolt of some kind to wake us up and make us look at what we are unable see.


9 places us on a journey of ever-turning steps – a metaphysical spiral staircase – on which we can never quite see what’s around the corner. Consequently, we will experience the feeling that everything is spiraling – sometimes out of control, and sometimes onward and upward. As parts of your past enter the present, you will also catch glimpses of future possibilities. And only by knowing exactly what you are feeling can you sense what to do next.


The square root of 9 is 3, the number of joy, high hopes, and creativity, and its power of optimism elevates and carries us forward, and helps us develop faith, courage, inner vision, and new ideas. It is this vibration of happiness, hope, and aspiration that we must hold on to – while letting go of our pain.


9 helps us to HEAL from past and present experience. When we are enjoying ourselves, we get the feeling that time is standing still. It isn’t – time keeps moving, but invisibly, below our perception. It is unnecessary to be constantly aware of time, and yet we are tied to rigid schedules. One of the most important aspects of Free Will is spontaneity, which we are programmed by guilt to subdue. 9 reveals how guilt prevents movement.


As we continue to deal with crisis after crisis, it is important to understand what a crisis actually is. It is a critical point in any situation where opportunity exists to either worsen or improve things. A crisis is a major turning point – and the way it turns is a matter of the CHOICES we make!  


Old memories arise this year, bringing new meaning to old situations that we thought were over. Secrets are uncovered in 9’s upheavals, and the karmic 16 in 2016 (the number of secrets, conspiracy, and the abuse of power), is likely to produce some shocking revelations, which move our emotions even more. The instability we experience this year increases the opportunity for a positive change of direction – which is actually an increase of intelligence. When we learn from experience, our minds are forced open by the vibrational movement of our emotions, and this is how the ‘dumbing down’ process reverses itself.


Meanwhile, entire nations are being split down the middle by old ideologies which refuse to leave, and are kept in place by people who would kill and be killed to keep things the way they were. This is producing a dangerous stagnation in the human journey. This year, the past enters the present to show us what we must prevent from happening again.


We see how unintelligent and backward-thinking many of our so-called ‘leaders’ and ‘go-getters’ actually are. If equality, fairness, peace, and environmental protection are not their objectives, then they know nothing of the natural laws of balance, and are gravely unqualified to lead in the 2000’s. And yet, there they are!


2016 is the 7th year of the decade of the 10s. Anything is possible because 10 is the number of true innovation and forward movement. 7 represents consciousness and the mind. 7 is the learning number – the number of wisdom. This suggests that a great opening of minds is likely to occur in 2016.


9 is the number of transformation. We experience what we most need to learn when 9 is active, personally, and in the world at large – and it affects different people in different ways. This seems to reach a crescendo in November – the 11th month of this 9 year – bringing us to the historical triggers of 11/9 and 9/11. Therefore, the energy of 9 November, 2016 (9+11+9=29=11/2) is likely to be super-active – and the fact that America’s presidential election occurs the day before on November 8 may have something to do with this.


Life on Earth can only intensify as we continue to move towards 2019 (the end of the decade of the 10s), and the inevitable balance that 2020 will bring – one way or another. The 20 in 2016 denotes the enormous shift of energy that occurred when we moved from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s:


1 = mind / electricity / competition / war / self.


2 = emotion / magnetism / sensitivity / peace / others.


9 is the most complex and mysterious of all the numbers. It enables forward movement by cutting us loose from whatever binds us to the past, including our fears, prejudices, and ignorance. It takes us in what appears to be the wrong direction – backwards – so that we can determine what in the past is preventing forward movement. 9 intensifies everything.


9’s spiraling motion creates an opening in the karmic rut of repeated history through which we can start again with the knowledge we gained along the way. But because we do not fully understand the function of fear, or any of our emotions, we tend to hold on to those ‘safe’ and familiar chains. 9 forces us to let go by destabilizing what we’re holding on to. 2016 is a time of visualizing completely new possibilities, not merely the same old thing in different ‘packaging’. While so much seems to be falling down around us, we must be prepared to build something new which sends the old into its right position – behind us. As time and space continue to unfold, the old gives way to the new.


Alternating sensations of anxiety and enthusiasm are to be expected, and are often experienced simultaneously. Each corner we turn, each level of the spiral we encounter, will bring us to a new experience for which we may not be prepared. But we have not traveled this far in the course of time without having what it takes to deal with it effectively. We have all, in our own way, been calling for and craving change, and this is an opportunity to increase our powers of independence and individuality – while maintaining all the love, life, and liberty we can. BE YOURSELF, no matter who encourages you to be like them, or like everyone else.


We are in the process of healing parts of us that almost died in the course of our lifetime – our ability to feel – our Free Will. And as we realize the many ways in which our Will is violated, we are feeling our feelings more deeply than ever. This is not an easy process because we are weighed down by the life-long and generational buildup of feelings that we were unable to express. This is reflected in the material world by a global economy that is so top-heavy that it could collapse at any time, and the natural environment which is so mired in its own pain and terror that she too, Mother Nature, is teetering on the edge of collapse (Climate Change).


We cannot evolve until we stop using fossil fuels to ‘power’ ourselves. They are the product of OLD matter that has gone to ground. By constantly digging up what has already moved into the past, we can never move forward. Mother nature provides all the power we need from above. It showers down on us in the form of sun, rain, and wind. Our insistence on drilling and fracking and cracking her bones, exploding her mountains and poisoning her waterways, is reflected in an upsurge of rape and the overall suppression of women. We are raping our own mother and destroying her ability to provide for us. Mother Earth is our ultimate life support machine. She enables our existence in physical form.


It is not enough to merely know these things. The mind alone cannot change anything. You can meticulously observe and study, but until you are emotionally driven to do something about it, nothing changes. In 2016, the desire for real and meaningful change will surge. Desire is a natural feeling which draws to us what we want – and the great majority of people want peace.


There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum. After 9, everything can be reduced to a single number. For instance, 10 adds up to 1 … 11 adds up to 2 … 12 adds up to 3, etc. One of the most fascinating things about 9 is that it contains the power of ALL the other numbers combined – as well as it’s own unique characteristics.



Although there is no proof that Nikola Tesla actually said or wrote “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe”, there is great truth in it nonetheless, as the chart indicates. 3-6-9 creates a triangular fabric that runs consistently through life and which allows for variation, diversity, and continued existence.


Unexpressed emotion manifests as illness and disease. Our repressed feelings can do serious damage to the body and are often behind what we call ‘accidents’, as well as terrorism, and other acts of violence. But the emotions themselves are not the problem. Our unwillingness to allow them to pass through the body – repression – is the problem. The ‘class’ system has always reduced our ability to understand the sheer power of emotion by belittling and condemning it, and punishing us for expressing it.


Many people do not know the difference between a thought and a feeling, but this will change drastically in 2016 as the magnetic pull of our unexpressed emotions attract situations that force us to feel our feelings as spontaneously as we think our thoughts.


When our thoughts and feelings accept each other as equal, within the physical body – specifically in the heart – inner healing occurs. Of course, this cannot happen in a heart or mind that is closed, and in 2016, the battle to control our hearts and minds steps up. Of course, in the transparency of the 2000s, we see through it more easily. The heart is capable of so much – at least as much as the brain – if only we knew how to connect ourselves to it more naturally – more consistently.


Our hearts open when we feel compassion, when we see ourselves as fellow travelers on the road of life rather than from the “us against them” and “I’ve got mine, so screw you!” frame of mind. 2 is the energy of our times – the energy of caring, peace, cooperation, and the maintaining of balance points that enable individual energies to flow freely without one overpowering another. 2 is the number of peace through diplomacy and fairness. We cannot bomb or imprison our way to a safer world. 2 is the principle energy of our times, and we must move with it, not against it.


As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please. ~ Noam Chomsky


The outer reflection shows a world in which the masculine is fighting harder than ever to keep the feminine down – and it is becoming much clearer that this where ALL discrimination and prejudice begins – mind against emotion – masculine against feminine – the push for superiority – and the “privilege” of being #1.


Success can no longer be defined in 20th century terms. Today’s success is measured by the levels of fulfillment and enjoyment that our day-to-day lives provide. We are not on this Earth to labor under the control of “industry”. We are here, in this evolving creation, to create.


DENIAL of reality almost killed our capacity to think, feel, move, enjoy and LOVE. Free Will is the inevitable next step in humanity’s evolving journey. Free Will is the future, and as we move further towards the end of the decade of the 10s – and the year 2020 – it is more obvious than ever that if freedom really is our goal, then this is the year in which we must commit to it and persevere like never before, no matter what lengths are taken to try to stop us.


Some say that the opposite of love is fear. But that is not so. Love ‘or’ fear is not a valid comparison because it undermines loves ability to love unconditionally. Fear is a natural emotion which love loves – which love can soothe and heal – or warn and caution for the sake of safety. It is fear that’s waking us up right now! It’s unaddressed fear that puts us to sleep.


It’s ok to be afraid. Fear is a natural and necessary piece of emotional apparatus – the basis of our survival instinct. But the system keeps us ‘afraid to be afraid’. On the surface we appear fearless, while all that denied fear churns away inside. Then, when the time is politically convenient, those held-in fears are deliberately triggered – which sends us running to the “leader” we feel is most able to keep us safe. It is important to understand how the politics of fear is played out, and be able to discern for ourselves what needs to be feared and what does not. Being fearless doesn’t keep us safe, but courage carves a path through our fears.


The opposite of love is hate, which is rising to the surface now so that we can see it (and feel it) for what it is.


The opposite of fear is confidence which is a beautiful thing when it is authentic. Real confidence is not an act. It starts on the inside and radiates outwardly with no effort on your part. Confidence does not imply that there’s nothing to be afraid of, but rather that you know you will find a way to deal with whatever comes along.


Of course, there is so much more to this 9 year than can be described in one article, and I will surely be adding to this as the year unfolds.

Happy 2016!!!

Happy 2016!!  Here’s to a new year and new possibilities!  I always love the beginning of the year as it represents a clean slate.  However, I’m not really into making resolutions.  My hope for every year is to just continue making forward progress in my life and as a person.

Well, there is so much to discuss already…Obama’s tearful Executive Order speech on closing gun control loopholes, Oregon militiamen taking over government land,  China potentially destroying the world economy, North Korea potentially testing a hydrogen bomb, Donald Trump out-Trumping himself time and time again, Bernie Sanders scaring the shit out of Wall Street. Yep, this is going to be an exciting year — and it’s a Leap Year so we get one extra day!

However, the most exciting thing about this year is the very important General Election coming up this November. And one potentially critical part of this Election will be Millennials.  Will we show up to vote?  Or will we allow our discouragement and disappointment get the better of us and decide to sit this one out?  I really hope it’s the former because our generation now represents the largest voting block in the Electorate.  If we vote in large numbers, we will decide our nation’s next president.  And because our generation is so huge, we will rule elections for decades to come.

I plan to spend a lot of time talking about the Election this year.  I’ll be covering the Primaries, and of course all the debates — which are sure to be simply fantastic!  I also promise to blog about other things, too (and hopefully my busy life won’t get in the way too much of my blogging).  One thing that I am super excited about is that I will be launching a new blog very soon about health and fitness.  I am now a certified personal trainer and since I love fitness so much I thought I would use my knowledge and passion to help others.  So stay tuned for that!

I hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic start to the New Year and please keep checking back for updates!

Lots of love and peace,


The Need for Empathy

I know I haven’t been good about updating lately, but there is just so much going on, both domestic and abroad, that it is hard to keep current.  As soon as I start writing a post about one event, something else happens that takes up all the attention.  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like the country and the world are crumbling apart.  This is part of the era of crisis we are in, and unfortunately it will likely get worse over the next 5-10 years.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that each time something happens, our country becomes more divided over whatever the respective issue is — whether it is gun control, terrorism, women’s health rights, economic issues, etc.  It is no secret that I have progressive views — politically, socially and economically.  And while I understand that not everyone will agree with my points of view, the shear lack of compassion, understanding and general empathy that has come from some people — especially those on the far right — is  incomprehensible to me.  When I see someone suffering I literally feel their pain.  It isn’t difficult for me to understand someone else’s point of view, or to try to see things from their perspective.  In fact, it’s natural for me to do this.  But apparently that is incredibly difficult — or damn near impossible — for others.

I feel that lack of empathy is the biggest reason for the all the suffering in the world.  Far too many of us just don’t care about the pain and suffering of others.  And when we refuse to try to understand one another, we can’t move forward.  We are giving into hate, fear, intolerance, selfishness, greed and all that divides us.  Instead of recognizing that humanity is one species, we allow our difference to get in the way of progress and peace.

Empathy requires that we stop thinking about ourselves — that we put our egos aside — and we consider how others think or feel.  It’s very definition is “the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.”   When there is a lack of empathy, there is a lack of understanding and compassion.  So if we refuse to understand one another, we are essentially dooming ourselves.  Humanity simply cannot progress without empathy.  If this world is to ever know peace, empathy is an absolute necessity.

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, we should all try to be more empathetic.  Even if you usually are, we are all prone to selfishness and indifference at times.  Remember that you don’t know everyone’s story, or the day they’ve had — or the week, month or year they’ve had.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  And whenever you can, help those in need.

Women’s Health Vs. Gun Control

In light of recent events, this quote seems very appropriate.  Some powerful words that make a very strong point.

Dear Daesh: You Won’t Win

Dear Daesh:

Wow, you must be so proud of yourselves.  You killed 44 innocent people in Beirut and another 129 innocent people in Paris last week.  You probably think that you’ve succeeded in your mission to inflict mass terror and to drive a wedge between the rest of us.  Well, you’re wrong, and here’s why:

With each terrorist attack, you help to tear down our self-imposed boundaries, so that we are all simply human beings — not French or American or Syrian or Muslim or Christian or Jewish.  Instead of driving us further apart, you are unifying us. Instead of frightening us, you are strengthening our resolve.  Every time you take an innocent life and every time you carry-out a terrorist attack, you bring us closer together.

You’re a bunch of ignorant pieces of shit who represent the absolute worst of humanity, and what you fail to recognize is that your terrorist attacks actually bring out the absolute best in humanity, as evidenced by the outpouring of love and solidarity with those you victimized.  You force us to shed our labels and come together as one people. We’re realizing that we aren’t all that different — that these labels are just that: labels.  They aren’t what define us, and in the grand scheme of things, they simply don’t matter.  You’re teaching us to value one another, to respect and appreciate our differences.  Your hate and violence is creating more love and peace among the rest of us.

Your campaign of hate weakens every time you execute a terrorist attack — or even a single innocent person — because it strengthens the bond between the rest of humanity.  And make no mistake, we will defeat you, because we are finally realizing that the only way we can survive is if we learn to love and respect one another. With each terrorist attack you remind us that hate, intolerance and blind ignorance is a recipe for extinction.

It is true, however, that some people blame your religion, and they believe that all Muslims are extremists like you. But these people are just as ignorant as you.  They don’t realize that the millions of Syrian refugees who have been forced to flee their homes, giving up virtually everything they own, are running from you.  They don’t realize that Islam is not a violent religion — but that all religions suffer from extremism as a result of certain dogmatic individuals taking their incredibly warped ideology just a tad bit too seriously.  They don’t realize that when they say things like “We should just kill them all,” that they are expressing a complete lack of compassion, empathy and regard for human life — just like you.  You believe that anyone who isn’t Muslim and who doesn’t subscribe to your fucked-up beliefs isn’t worthy of living, and they apparently believe that all Muslims aren’t worthy of living.  Like you, they have an “Us versus Them” mentality, and they don’t realize that it is this exact mentality that has made your recruitment efforts so successful. The fact is they have a lot in common with you, which makes them part of the problem.

Fortunately, most of the world does not have this mentality.  But it’s quite sad that it is taking such violent acts of extremism for us to finally realize that we aren’t all that different, and that in order for our world to advance we MUST learn to respect the few difference we do have.  That is the very hard lesson you are teaching us.

How your hearts ever became so dark and full of hate I will never understand — and honestly I don’t think I want to understand.  But I do know this:  you won’t win.  While we are using bombs and bullets to fight back against you, what will ultimately seal your doom is the love and compassion that your hate and intolerance is helping to strengthen between the rest of us.  You are, in effect, digging your own graves, and when the last of you scumbags has perished from this earth humanity will enter a new era of harmony and peace — the complete opposite of what you want.

Don’t you see?  This is a war you simply cannot win.  Love is infinitely stronger than hate, which is why love always wins.

First Democratic Presidential Debate for 2016 Election

The Democrats have their first debate tonight, and the three candidates that aren’t named Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will try to get people to actually remember their names when the debate is over. I’m curious to see what kinds of questions the candidates get, and if the they will be mean to each other at all.  One thing is for sure, it won’t be a shit-show like the Republicans debates. The Dems aren’t as crazy as the GOP, and they also like to use real facts. So maybe we’ll get some intelligent discussions regarding important issues during this debate. That would be a refreshing change from the nonsense that has come out of the GOP debates thus far.

Do you think Hillary will be asked about her Benghazi emails?  Or if the other candidates will criticize her about this “scandal” at all?  And what about Bernie?  Will he be called out on his socialism?  Regarding Martin O’Malley, as a Baltimore native I would love for someone to ask him about his central role in creating a police department that was basically told to do whatever was necessary to cut crime in the city — even if it wasn’t moral or just.  The other two candidates — former Senator Jim Webb (VA) and Former Governor Lincoln Chafee (RI) — well I don’t really know much about them.  We’ll see if they can make an impression and give Hillary and Bernie a run for their money.

Is it just me, or are you already over this election?  And it’s more than a year away!  There has already been so much drama — especially in the GOP race where there are like 20 people running for president.  And Donald Trump just needs to go away.  He was somewhat entertaining at first because he is just so, well, Donald Trump.  But I’ve had it with him and his bullying.  He’s ridiculous and a complete idiot.  I don’t think he will win the GOP but you never know. Donald Trump caters to the crazies and its the crazies who are energized right now.

I predict that tonight’s debate will give Bernie Sanders even more of a boost.  The momentum is his to lose, and I think he is ready to go to the next level.  Hillary will still be a contender, but I just don’t think she has what it takes right now.  I feel sorry for her, because I know she genuinely cares about this country and I think she would make a good president.  But I just don’t know if she is the best candidate in the field. We need someone who won’t be afraid to shake things up.  Back in 2008, liberals thought we had that in Obama.  In some ways we did, but there have been a lot disappointments (and granted, he has had unprecedented opposition from the GOP).   But Bernie, I don’t think he’ll back down to the challenges he faces.  He’s been around for a looooong time and he’s fed up with the same old bullshit.  Yep, I think that after tonight’s debate even more people will be Feeling the Bern!

Kimmie D. is Down With the G-O-D?

You may have noticed that Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples due to her strong religious beliefs, has been a top news story lately.  Most people think she is ridiculous and a giant bigot (including yours truly), but there are a few who think she is a hero for standing up to our big, bad government who dares to declare that all people should have the right to marry the person they love.  In short, Kim Davis and her supporters believe that God is in charge, not the federal government.  When asked on whose authority was Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, she proudly exclaimed, “On God’s authority.”   Sorry Kim, but God has no authority in the United States of America.

I could write a 10,000 word blog post solely discussing the hypocrisy of Kimmie D. and her God Squad, but instead I’m just going to write a few bullet points that highlight their blatant hypocrisy and their ignorance of the law. Here we go:

  • They don’t understand the First Amendment to the Constitution or the concept of religious liberty.  The religion clause of the First Amendment says:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  Therefore it prohibits the government from establishing a state religion (such as Christianity) and from making laws based on religious beliefs.  In addition, it also protects the public from the government interfering with their religious practices (as long as those practices are within reason and are not a danger to the public at large), and it prohibits individuals or groups from imposing their religious beliefs on others.  In other words, Christians can be against same-sex marriage, but they cannot use their religious beliefs as an excuse to discriminate against same-sex couples.  Religious liberty doesn’t exist solely to protect the religious among us from the government and anyone who disagrees with them.  This protection extends to those who may suffer discrimination due to the strict religious beliefs of others — people like Kim Davis, for example.   Kim Davis has absolutely no right to claim that her religious beliefs should exempt her from doing her job.  If a gay couple wants to get married, her job requires her to issue them a marriage license.  If she doesn’t, she is breaking the law.  That is why a judge threw her bigoted-ass in jail — because she was disobeying the law.  Law is the ruler of our country — not religious values.
  • Going along with the above, we don’t live in a Christian county; we live in a SECULAR country.   Contrary to popular belief, the United States was not founded on Christian principles — it was founded on democratic principles, central of which was the separation of Church and State (aka, religious liberty).  Because the federal government is explicitly prohibited from establishing a state religion, or interfering with the religious practices of others, the United States is a secular country.  If the United States were not a secular country and instead was a Christian country with laws that reflect Christian values, we would live in a theocracy, not a democracy.  Iran is a theocracy, as are many Muslim nations.  Would Kim Davis and her supporters want to live in a theocracy like Iran?  If you asked them this question I bet they would without hesitation yell, “Hell No!” (except that they actually do want to live in a theocracy — keep reading).
  • Kim Davis and her supporters want the Christian version of Sharia Law.  Sharia Law is basically the Islamic legal system derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Qur’an (Islam’s version of the Bible).   So if Kim Davis truly believes that our nation’s laws should reflect Christian values based off of what is stated in the Bible, then she wants Christian Sharia Law, and she wants to live in a theocracy like Iran.  What is so incredibly ironic about this is that recently many Evangelicals have been terrified that Muslims are trying to take over the U.S. and impose Sharia Law on its citizens.  This is beyond absurd because these accusations are completely baseless, but that didn’t stop some states from passing laws to keep this from happening (however, if they understood that the First Amendment bars the federal government from establishing a state religion they would then realize that they don’t need these laws). In effect, Radical Christians were all up in arms because they were afraid that Radical Muslims were going to take over this country and impose their religious beliefs on everyone. Buuuuuut, apparently it’s totally fine for Radical Christians to impose their religious beliefs on everyone.  I’ll take Hypocrisy for $1,000, Alex.
  • If homosexuality is a sin and should be condemned (according to the Bible, which, as we all know, is the Word of God — cue eyeroll), then Kim Davis and her supporters have to condemn all the other things that the Bible says are wrong, like divorce, for example.  However, Kim Davis has been divorced not once, not twice but THREE times, so clearly she is totally fine with divorce, even though the Bible states she should be stoned to death because she is divorced (I’m not joking – it really does say that, but only divorced women should be stoned to death, not divorced men).  And she also has to condemn working on the Sabbath, and wearing colored clothing, and adultery (she is guilty of this one too – she was pregnant with another man’s twin children before she got divorced from her second husband), and all the other completely asinine things that the Bible says are sinful.  Except that it isn’t convenient for her to condemn those things (because she is guilty of all of them), so they are just fine and dandy with her.  You can’t cherry-pick what parts of the Bible you want to follow and what parts you don’t.  I’ll take Hypocrisy for $2,000, Alex.
  • Kim Davis is the George Wallace of the 21st Century.  George Wallace famously stood up against the government in an attempt to prevent desegregation in the 1960’s, and anti-segregationist across the country proclaimed him a hero for his efforts.  It’s hard to believe that there really was a time when white people and black people weren’t allowed to share the same public space.  To people in my generation that is completely ludicrous.  Over 50 years later, while racism — and especially institutionalized racism — remain crucial issues for the United States, thankfully our nation has moved forward quite a bit since George Wallace tried to block two black students from entering a [formerly] white university.  George Takei just wrote a wonderful opinion piece for MSNBC comparing Kim Davis to George Wallace.  Here is an excerpt as to why history will not be kind to Kim Davis and her supporters:

“Happily, the days when overt racial discrimination and segregation are championed by social conservatives are long past. Imagine if instead of denying a license to a gay couple, Ms. Davis had sought on religious grounds to deny a license to an interracial couple. She likely would have been fired on the spot, and no politicians would have rushed to stand by her side, no matter what her sincerely held religious convictions were. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is headed to a similar, inevitable end in the dust heap of history.


But along the way there will be opponents like Davis to remind us that social change means social displacement and a recalibration of what is acceptable. And as with Gov. Wallace, decades from the day Davis stood her ground, we will no doubt look back and wonder above all why so many stood with her.”


Kim Davis and her supporters are using the Bible to defend their hate and bigotry — because that’s obviously what Jesus would do.   It’s pretty disgusting, and I know many Christians who are profoundly upset that Kimmie D. and the God Squad are defaming Christianity.   While I am not religious myself, I can sympathize with those Christians who are loving and accepting of all people, and who believe that we are all loved equally by God.  It has to be so incredibly frustrating to see your cherished religion grossly misinterpreted and used as a means to discriminate and spread hate against others. So please, speak out against Kim Davis and those like her.  Your silence only exacerbates this problem.

One day my grandchildren will ask me why it was such a big deal that same-sex couples were allowed to marry, like how I wonder why it was such a big deal that interracial couples were allowed to marry.  And I’ll shake my head and say, “I honestly don’t know.”  It’s baffling to me that some people care so much about who another person loves and marries.  It’s not your life and it’s not your marriage, so why does it matter to you?  Why would you object to someone being able to love the person of their choosing and to define their love in a permanent manner (i.e. through marriage)? Denying others of any human right is inherently wrong, but nothing is more unjust than denying someone the right to love.  And from what I’ve heard about this Jesus fellow, He and His Father (God) would wholeheartedly agree with me.



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