Obama Okay with Flexibility in New Healthcare Law

President Obama hosted state Governors at the White House today where he told them that he was okay with flexibility in how the new healthcare law is instituted in their state as long as their alternative plans would cover just as many people, provide equally affordable and comprehensive care and not add to the federal deficit. He also used this moment as an opportunity to warn the Governors not to go too far in their attempts to balance their respective states’ budgets. Read More

Gadhafi: “All my people love me”

There is a video on the BBC’s front page of Gadhafi claiming that there are no Libyans protesting his government–the protesters are all members of al Qaeda. First they were drugged and brainwashed young people; now they are terrorists. I don’t know if he really does believe the BS that comes out of his mouth or if he is saying these things in an effort to hopefully try to fool all of us into believing him. But no doubt about it–he is Read More

Obama to Gadhafi: You’re Done

President Obama has finally made a clear statement about the situation in Libya, telling its dictator of four-decades, Moammar Gadhafi to take a hike. The White House reportedly said, “The president stated that when a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now.” Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, echoed these sentiments by saying Read More

Shocking News: Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change

A recent article from Time.com discussed a new study which linked extreme rainfall and snowstorms to climate change. Scientists say that for the first time there are “telltale fingerprints of global warming on downpours that often cause deadly flooding.” Although the study, which is in the current issue of Nature, only looked at data between 1951 and 1999, scientists say that for the first time there is a demonstrable cause-and-effect relationship between human-caused climate change and extreme weather. One group of scientists Read More

Spending Cuts vs. Growth

There is talk that our government might shut down because Republicans and Democrats are in disagreement over spending cuts. But there is a possibility that our government might not need to cut as much as it thinks. This article at Time.com brings up the very good point–that the more our economy grows, the more money our government will have (from increased tax revenue), and then the less spending cuts it needs to make. GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is the total size Read More

Iran Apparently Looking for Uranium

Iran is supposedly on the hunt for more uranium needed for it’s nuclear activities, which some suspect include expanding its nuclear enrichment capabilities in order to start building nuclear weapons. A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) shows that Iran has made trips to Africa, Asia and South America looking for uranium. It is believed that Iran is targeting countries who would be willing to violate the United Nations Security Council resolution that bans countries from selling Iran any Read More

President Reverses Role on “Defense of Marriage Act”

Amid the protests in the Middle East and in Middle America, this story probably won’t get much attention but it is still a big deal, nonetheless. President Obama and Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced yesterday that the Department of Justice will no longer defend Section 3 of the “Defense of Marriage Act,” or DOMA, which defines marriage as a union only between a man and a woman. Currently, five states and the District of Columbia recognize same-sex marriage. But if couples who Read More

Critical Role of Youth In Wisconsin Protests

There is a great article at Campus Progress about the role of Millennials in the Wisconsin protests. Focusing on the efforts of the Teachers Assistant Association (TAA), the article discusses how graduate, undergraduate, high school and even middle school students have joined in the protests, standing in solidarity with the workers. It is quite inspiring to see the dedication these young people have to this movement. Some have slept in the capital for days on end, they are staying up all night Read More

Inequality in America

Mother Jones has a great article about the massive level of inequality in our country. The information provided is very similar to what is in the Inequality section under the Issues page. There isn’t really much more to say about this. I highly recommend that you visit the link to the article and look over the charts provided. These charts speak for themselves. One thing that I found really interesting, however, is the chart that revealed what most American’s polled though the Read More

Corrupt Pennsylvania Judges

I first heard about this story 2-3 years ago, but there was a recent development that brought much more media attention to the story. There are two Pennsylvania judges who allegedly took over $2 million in bribes from builders of youth detention centers in exchange for locking up offenders for minor offenses and denying juveniles of basic legal protections, like the right to counsel. It is being called the “Kids for Cash” case as thousands of juveniles were railroaded by these two Read More