Sign Up for Invisible Children’s 25 Plan

Invisible Children is holding another event to raise awareness and funds for efforts to end Africa’s longest running war. I blogged about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) last month (click here if you haven’t read it) in which I talked about the brutality of this rebel group and it’s leader, a man who has been called “The most evil man in the world.” For 25 years now, Joseph Kony and the LRA have operated on a campaign of terror Read More

New Organization Seeks to ‘Stand Up For Americans Under 30’

Just recently, a couple of engaged and motivated Millennials launched Our Time, which according to their website is “a community that leverages its size to create products and solutions that save us money, give us jobs, and improve our country.” The premise of the organization is to give young people a voice year-round, not just once every couple of years during election season, with a primary focus on finding jobs for the one-in-six under 30’s who are unemployed. Overall, it is about Read More

Survey of the Opinions of Millennial Leaders

The Brookings Institute recently released a survey titled, D.C.’s New Guard: What Does the Next Generation of American Leaders Think? The survey polled 1,057 Millennial leaders with the median age being 16.4 years. Brookings defines these Millennials as leaders for two reasons: 1) they have been identified as such by their peers, and 2) they have shown enough interest in the field of policy and politics to spend their summer vacations in D.C. These are the kids who take internships and participate Read More

How Ignorant Are Americans?

First of all, before I get to the actual reason for this blog post I just have to point out that most Americans don’t even know what ignorant means. For the record, according to the definition of ignorant is as follows: —adjective 1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned. 2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact. 3. uninformed; unaware. 4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training. Notice how none of these definitions include Read More

On Libya

So I haven’t blogged in a few days because I had to work–have to pay the bills somehow. But a lot has happened over the last few days and the biggest news event was the UN decision to take some form of military action in Libya in order “to protect civilians,” but not to remove Gadhafi. The UN resolution authorizing military action not only set up a no-fly zone but it also allows for “all necessary measures” to prevent attacks on civilians. Read More

How to Help Japan

I’m sure everyone has heard about the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan last week. Over 10,000 people are already confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise as the recovery continues. Millions are without food, water, shelter and power as entire towns have been virtually wiped off the map. Also, there are fears of a nuclear meltdown catastrophe from a nuclear power plant that suffered severe damage from the earthquake. If you would like to help the people of Read More

Ryan Gosling Wants You To Raise Hope For Congo Too

Yesterday I blogged about the war in The Democratic Republic of the Congo that has claimed over 5.4 million lives in the last 15 years. This war over Congo’s minerals is the deadliest war since WWII, and our consumerism of electronics like cell phones, computers, ipods, TV’s, etc. is directly fueling this war. But we can help stop it by telling the companies who sell these products that we want our products to be conflict-free. Celebrities like Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Cindy Read More

Raise Hope For Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a nation of 66.5 million people in Central Africa that is home to the deadliest conflict since WWII. More than 5.4 million people have died in Congo over the last 15 years–and an estimated 45,000 people die every year–mostly due to hunger and disease brought on by the ongoing conflict over Congo’s vast natural resources, especially its mineral wealth. Additionally, another one million people have been displaced due to this conflict. Greed for Congo’s Read More

Budget Cuts=Preserving the Past, Not Investing in the Future

There is a great article at written by Fareed Zakaria in which he discusses the decline of American dominance. Much of the focus of the article is on how the government’s response to the budget crisis is essentially all about doing what is most politically safe. Both sides are targeting programs that, as Zakaria puts it, “have neither a wide base of support nor influential interest groups behind them.” Now, that is somewhat debatable as evidenced by the outrage over proposed Read More

Why Today’s Youth Are at a Fiscal Disadvantage

Over at my friend Becky’s blog, The F-ed Generation, she posted a link to a great article that discusses why young people today are finding it harder to “get started” due to the higher costs of homes, a college education, and other expenses that didn’t exist 30 years ago (i.e. internet, cell phones, etc.), coupled with lower real wages (even after adjusting for inflation). It is quite a thought-provoking piece and definitely worth checking out.