Self-Proclaimed Nonpartisan Youth Organization is Actually a Sham

A few months ago while doing some research on the Millennial Generation, I came across a link to an organization called Generation Opportunity. I was intrigued and a little excited because I thought it sounded like an organization with similar goals to mine. But the website didn’t have much content besides a sort of mission statement and it just basically asked you to like them on Facebook if you agreed with their mission statement. Furthermore, you can’t even check out their Facebook Read More

New Book on Millennials

There is a new book on Millennials that just came out called Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation is Remaking America. Written by Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais, who co-wrote Millennial Makeover in 2008, the book takes a look at how Millennials are influencing and transforming American culture and values. I really liked Millennial Makeover and I’m very excited to read this new book. Once I’ve read it I will have a full book review. Also, Winograd and Hais wrote a Read More

Are Welfare Drug Tests Constitutional?

I came across an interesting and thought-provoking article from Time that discusses the constitutionality of drug testing welfare recipients, an issue that has recently gained steam. Florida just passed a law making it mandatory for people applying for welfare to take a drug test. If they pass then they are reimbursed for the test and eligible for benefits, but if they fail they have to eat the cost of the test and cannot reapply for welfare for a full year. Other states–including Read More

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, the Arab Spring and a New GOP Front-Runner

So it has been a while since I’ve posted, and a lot has happened over the last week or so. Here on the east coast we had our first ever earth-cane week (an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week) and I hope that it is the only earth-cane week we’ll ever have. I must say, after experiencing my first earthquake ever, which measured at an intensity of 5.9, I have a much greater perspective on what the people of Japan Read More

How Popular is the Tea Party?

Not very popular, according to a new New York Times/CBS survey that found that the Tea Party is “less popular than atheists, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, and 21 other groups.” Moreover, the poll also found that the Tea Party has lost 20 percent of its supporters and gained 40 percent more opponents, and another NYT/CBS poll published earlier this month found that the Tea Party‚Äôs unfavorable rating had increased 29 percent since April. The research was conducted by David Campbell, an associate professor Read More

Is Climate Change to Blame for Movement of Plants and Animals?

New research suggests that many plant and animal species are moving northward and away from the equator due to the change in the planet’s climate. About 2,000 species were examined moving about 15 feet per day away from the equator, or a rate of a mile per year, according to new research from the journal Science. Species have also been observed moving up mountains, but at a slower rate of about four feet per year. Scientists say the speed at which species Read More

Somali Famine Worsens

I recently posted about the devastating famine in Somalia, but since then things have gotten far worse. Unfortunately, up until last week very little international attention was paid to this, despite pleas for help by many international organizations for more aid. Below is an article from Yahoo! that provides a lot of important information on this crisis. Instead of trying to summarize it, I decided it would be most beneficial to copy and paste it. Somalia is experiencing the worst famine the Read More

S&P Credit Downgrade

Standard and Poor’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA, and as a result, the Dow Jones Industrial has fallen–at the time of this writing–by over 500 points today. The reason behind the credit downgrade was because the debt deal that was struck last Tuesday didn’t cut the national debt enough–S&P wanted to to see at least $4 trillion cut from our debt over the next ten years and the deal is only estimated to cut $2.4 trillion over the Read More

Debt Deal Reached…Finally

In case you haven’t heard, Congress passed a debt deal on Tuesday and President Obama immediately signed it into law. I would like to do a pros and cons list for this debt deal, however, the pros list only has one bullet point–that a deal was actually passed. Other than that, the deal blows and there is nothing else positive to say about it. I have to admit that I expected something along these lines. I knew we wouldn’t default on the Read More

July Heat Records

This shouldn’t be surprising news, but July’s nasty heat wave helped shatter records all over the country, with all 50 states having either set or tied a daily high temperature record at some point in July. According to the National Climatic Data Center, preliminary data showed that 2,712 high-temperature records were either tied or broken in July, compared with 1,444 last year. Even Alaska saw record high temperatures of 97 degrees Fahrenheit. The nation’s capital hit an all-time high of 105F, and Read More