Whenever we approach the New Year, there is always a “look back” at the year that has just passed. Although appropriate, it is also, in my opinion, overdone. So instead of having a look back at 2011, I thought we could look ahead to 2012. Not that I have a crystal ball and can foresee the future, but I wanted to maybe make a prediction about the kind of year I think it will be–or maybe the kind of year I want Read More

Are Conservatives Purposefully Making it Harder for Millennials to Vote?

That’s what this recent article from the New York Times suggests. And it is true that the groups who would be most hurt by the new voter ID laws being passed by conservative legislatures across America are minorities, the poor and the young–all of which tend to vote heavily Democratic. And as the article points out, some conservatives have actually admitted to wanting to keep young people from voting. A central part of democracy is the power of the people to choose Read More

New Poll Shows Millennials Not Confident About Obama Reelection

The lastest Harvard Institute of Politics Poll was released recently and one of the more surprising findings was that a majority of Millennials don’t think Obama will win reelection. This isn’t to say that they aren’t going to vote for him, because a slight majority say that they would vote for him over a generic Republican candidate. However, when matched against actual candidates, Obama has a 2-digit lead. Another interesting find is that only one-third of young people are following the Occupy Read More

To my readers, whoever and wherever you are, I am sorry for the lack of updates. Truth be told, I have been busy lately. I started recently working for Neil Howe’s company Lifecourse Associates as a writer and researcher. If you haven’t poked around the website, I reference Neil’s work on generations a lot (see the Millennial Crisis and Generational Archetypes sections, in particular). This has been an absolutely incredible opportunity for me and one for which I am very grateful. However, Read More