The Higher Education Bubble

Could higher education be a bubble, like the housing bubble or the bubble? That’s what is hypothesized in these infographics. It certainly makes sense. And some of the facts are just stunning. It really is incredible how much the cost of a college education has risen, coupled with the fact 45 percent of graduates makes less than $15,000 a year the first two years after graduation. Please click the link above to view a short video and the infographics. It is Read More

State of the Union

I know I am a little late getting this up, but I wanted to comment on the president’s State of the Union address last Tuesday night. The beginning of the speech was very similar to what I talk about on this blog. So much so that my mom even came into my room (yes, like many Millennials, I have temporarily moved back home with my parents) and said, “This sounds like your book.” (note: This website is based on an idea I Read More

Gay Rights

Please click on the link below to see a moving video about the gay rights movement. The field of candidates for the Republican nomination are all against same-sex marriage and the decision to repeal DADT (with the exception of Ron Paul). And same-sex marraige has been a hot-button issue the last few elections. As more states pass marriage equality bills, one has to wonder when marriage equality is federal law. After all, 90 years ago women couldn’t vote, and 50 years ago Read More

Election 2012

In the race for the Republican nomination for president, Iowa and New Hampshire have already voted with Mitt Romney winning both, although by only 8 votes in Iowa. Despite many Millennials backing Ron Paul (and they are arguably responsible for his surprisingly good results in IA and NH), at this point it appears that Romney will take the nomination. Because of his front-runner status, Romney has been under attack by his opponents–and liberals–for his record at Bain Capital and his economic policies. Read More