The Education Policies of Presidents Over the Last 50 Years

Below is an infographic that provides the education policies of each President over the last 50 years, from Kennedy to Obama. Education has increasingly become an important factor for improving the lives of individuals, as well as the prosperity of our nation. It may be more important now than ever that we ensure a quality and affordable education for all Americans.

Does the U.S. Spend Too Much on Education?

Pretty much everyone agrees that the education system in this country is in dire need of a makeover. But is it possible that we are spending enough, but aren’t investing in education as wisely as we could be? Many people believe that we need to spend more on education, but we actually spend more money on educating our youth than any other industrialized country. Take a look at the two infographics below. The U.S. spends the most on education, but is far Read More

The Digital Classroom

So I’m a little older than most Millennials (full disclosure: I was born in 1982, the year the Millennial Generation began, so I’m older than about 96% of Millennials) and when I was in college, there were no such things as ebooks–at least, not to my knowledge. But today, ebooks and education apps are taking over. Here are two great infographics on the rise of the digital classroom.

Even Catholic Nuns Support Same-Sex Marriage

Below is the link to a video of a Catholic Nun from my home state of Maryland, surrounded by supporters from the Catholic church, talking about why she supports same-sex marriage. I especially like how she states that she speaks “on behalf of the majority of U.S. Catholics who favor legal marriage for same-gender couples.” I was raised Catholic, and even though my religious beliefs have changed significantly since childhood, I know most of my family–who are all Catholic–support gay marriage. And Read More

Interview with Millennial Artist, Mattia Baldi

Late last year, I received an email from an Italian artist based out of Beijing, China named Mattia Baldi. After viewing his work, a mixture of 1980’s pop culture and Tibetan culture, I was very impressed. Below is an interview with Mattia where he discusses his work, his influences, cultural differences and the Millennial Generation. To view some of his work, visit here and here. And check out some of the paintings below. Thank you, Mattia, for taking the time to do Read More

New Grad’s Guide to Personal Finance

If you are about to graduate college and wondering how you are going to survive financially, check out the infographic below. It gives some helpful information on budgeting and also provides information on what are the best cities for recent college graduates. Graduating college can be stressful, especially with the amount of debt many students have and the bleak prospects for finding a decent job right out of college. But this information should help ease the stress by arming you with useful Read More