Millennials Losing Their Religion?

Earlier this month, the Pew Research Center released the findings of their American Values Survey. It covers a lot of information, but probably one of the more interesting findings of this year’s survey has to do with Millennials and religion. For example, when respondents were asked if they never doubt the existence of God, just 67 percent of Millennials agreed. This is a 16 point drop from five years ago when 83 percent agreed. Also, just 61 percent of Millennials said that Read More

How the Affordable Care Act is Helping Young Adults

I read this little informative nugget at Time magazine online. Time have these little blog post type of things called “Numbers” where they post a specific number and explain it’s significance. This one is about how many young people have stayed on or joined their parents insurance because of the provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires health insurance companies to cover young adults up to age 26 on their parents health insurance plan. It also says that if the Supreme Read More

Sorry for the lack of updating…

I am sorry, for anyone who reads this blog, that I have been awful about updating. I have been trying to juggle two jobs for the past several months, and I also recently moved so my life has been a little hectic. Needless to say, any free time for blogging has been few and far between. But this blog is still important to me, so I will try my best to update more regularly. I have a lot of great infographics that Read More