Interesting Article About the Generation Divide in the Electorate

USA Today had a recent article about the generation divide in this year’s presidential election. Not surprising, older people are more for Romney while Millennials are largely for Obama. Differences in how each respective generation perceives of the role of government and the kind of leadership each generation is looking for are noted for contributing to this divide. There are also significant differences in how each generation prioritizes today’s top issues. For example, job creation is the top issue for Millennials, while Read More

Show Your Support for Creating One Million Jobs for Millennials

Our Time, an organization dedicated to “standing up for young Americans,” has had a petition circulating for quite some time now that is asking our political leaders to create one million new jobs by expanding national service positions. This is a great idea and we need to make our Millennial voices heard on this issue. Click here to sign the petition and to help spread the word about this initiative. Our Time also has great information on how to register to vote Read More