Wendy Davis Fucking Rocks!!!

I’m sure many of you heard about the amazing filibuster skills of Wendy Davis, a Democratic state Senator from Texas. Basically, the Texas Senate was set to pass a bill that would have essentially closed almost every abortion clinic in Texas and banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The deadline for the bill was this past Tuesday at midnight, and Wendy Davis stood for 11 hours and filibustered her ass off to stop the bill from being passed. The Republicans in Read More

Goodbye DOMA and Prop 8!!!

Today is a historic day in America. The Supreme Court just ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (which defined marriage as solely between a man and a woman), and Proposition 8 (which banned same-sex marriage in California) are unconstitutional. In a split, 5-4 decision, conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy ruled alongside liberal judges Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayer and Stephen Breyer to strike down DOMA and Prop 8. This day is comparable to when slavery was abolished, when women gained Read More

MTV Study: “The New Millennials Will Keep Calm and Carry On”

A new MTV study on Millennials was just released. Well, actually, I can’t find the actual study but press releases were put out about it. It appears MTV focused on younger Millennials who are now in their teens, largely comparing them to older Millennials who are now in their 20’s and early 30’s. According to this study, those who represent the second wave of the Millennial Generation are more resilient, adaptable and tech savvy than their older counterparts. The study also suggests Read More

New Millennial Study

A company called Telefonica released a huge international study on Millennials a couple of weeks ago. Overall, 12,000 Millennials in 27 different countries were surveyed. The study had some very interesting findings, especially when you compare American Millennials to their international counterparts. I referenced this study a few times in my blog post about the TIME magazine article on Millennials (see a few posts down), but I wanted to give it it’s own post because it is the largest study ever conducted Read More

Site Issues

So apparently there has been issues with people hacking into a lot of WordPress websites, and many have been temporarily shut down as a result. That is precisely what has happened with this website, so I haven’t been able to access it much lately. I really do want to make more of an effort to update it more often, so hopefully this issue has been resolved and I can start writing more posts. I also want to thank everyone who stops by Read More

50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of when President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act that would give women the same pay as men for doing the same job. Fifty years later, women still only make 77 cents to the dollar that men make. While we have made progress–when the bill was singed women made about 62 cents to the dollar that men made–we clearly still have a ways to go. And in fact, the wage gap has actually widened slightly the past Read More

The Me Me Me Generation–Wait, This is About Millennials?

I know I’m a little late to the party on this, but about two weeks ago, the cover story for TIME magazine was about Millennials. It created a lot of controversy over its claims that Millennials are self-absorbed, entitled, narcissistic and fame-obsessed little twats who are more worried about updating their status than helping those in need. But then, about half-way through, the narrative of the article changes, and it insinuates that, despite all their misgivings, Millennials aren’t that bad after all. Read More