Millennials: We Suck and We’re Sorry

I came across the video below, via Upworthy, titled “Millennials:  We Suck and We’re Sorry.” Basically, the video is of a group of Millennials taking turns throwing shade at the Baby Boomer generation.  Overall, it is kind of a passive-aggressive attempt by Millennials to point out to our parent’s generation that while they moan and groan about how terrible our generation is, their generation isn’t all that fantastic either.  It is pretty funny (I especially enjoyed the Full House part–TGIF!).  I’m not Read More

A Big Thank You

As I continue to tinker with the new website design (and I would love to hear what you guys think so far), I want to take a moment to give a big thank you to the person who helped me with the changes.  Actually, what he really did was teach me how to use WordPress–the web software I use for this site–more effectively.  His name is Grant Price and he runs WordPress Tutoring Online.  Grant walked me through, step-by-step, showing me how Read More

New Site Layout

No need to worry–this is the same Millennial Legacy as before, just with a new layout.  I’m still working on it, so if you check back daily you will likely see some changes.  Thank you to everyone for your patience and I will start blogging again once I am satisfied with the look of the site.  Stay tuned!  

Millennials and Religion

Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether to allow prayer at town hall meetings. This was brought on by a case in upstate New York in which two individuals felt that the prayer sessions in the beginning of their local town hall meetings violated the First Amendment to the Constitution, which bans a government establishment of religion. The two individuals–an Atheist and a Jew–said they felt pressured to participate in the Christian prayers. The town officials suggested that these individuals Read More

Typhoon Haiyan

Last week, Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Island nation of the Philippines and other nearby countries, killing over 10,000 people and affecting nearly 9 million people in total. This was the strongest storm to make landfall ever recorded–a category five storm with sustained winds of nearly 200 mph. The destruction is horrifying. As of right now, rescue efforts haven’t been sufficient enough to help all of those in need. Honestly, I have a really difficult time hearing about things like this. I Read More

Happy Veterans Day

To all those who have served and who currently serve in our military, thank you for your extreme sacrifice and dedication. You are true heroes, and it is my hope that you will one day receive the appropriate amount of gratitude and respect that you deserve. Thank you. Image source

Obama Apologizes For Healthcare Law Boo Boos

Yesterday, President Obama apologized in an interview with NBC news for misleading the American people with his promise that they would be able to keep their health insurance plans under the new Affordable Care Act, and for the disastrous roll out of the bill thus far, especially regarding the tech-issue ridden website, Honestly, he should have apologized a couple of weeks ago. But at least he is owning up to it, and he is taking full responsibility for everything that has Read More


Some of you may remember a little video that went viral last year and caused a lot of controversy. It was called Kony 2012, and it was made by Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell. Mr. Russell became even more famous when he had a very sad and very public mental breakdown about a week following the release of the video. I have been a supporter of Invisible Children for years. The work they have done in efforts to help capture Joseph Kony, Read More

I’m Just a Bill, On Capital Hill

This is a sad reality. But as I have said over and over again, this is why we need to vote. And more importantly, this is why we need to be informed and engaged. First, we need to understand the issues (and sadly many Americans think they know about the issues but in reality they actually have no clue what they are talking about, which is partly the fought of our mass media that seems to pride itself on doing a fantastically Read More

Website Changes

I wanted to let my loyal readers know that I recently made a few changes to the website. Nothing major, but the most important is that I purged all of the users of this site. A couple of months ago I checked to see how many users the website had and to my shock there were over 10,000. At first I was thrilled, and then I quickly realized that the vast majority of registered users were not registered because they liked this Read More