Our Nation’s Fiscal Nightmare

One of the most pressing issues facing the United States is our country’s long-term fiscal outlook.  To put it bluntly:  it’s really, really bad.  Like, it’s completely unsustainable bad.  If we want to save our country, we need to fix our fiscal problems–and quickly.  Time is of the essence with this issue.  The longer we wait, the further we go into debt and the harder it will be to get our country back on track. To put things into perspective, as of right Read More

Election Day is Just Around the Corner

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  It has been a crazy few weeks for me.  Some good things but also some bad things.  But hey, that’s life, right? Anyways, Election Day is just around the corner and many states are approaching the deadline to register to vote.  Some states’ deadlines have already passed, so I hope that if you live in one of those states you already registered.  I talk about the importance of voting a lot, but until more young people vote, Read More