Millennials and Feminism

There has been an uproar over feminism lately–and ironically it has mostly come from women.  Apparently, some young women today don’t want to be called feminists because they consider it to be a negtaive thing.  They also seem to believe that there is no need for feminism, mainly because, they think it does more harm than good.  Honestly, I’m really having a hard time comprehending this.  When did feminism become such a terrible thing?  And why are so many young women today publicly and proudly shunning feminism?  I respect that everyone is Read More

It Wasn’t Just the Youth Turnout That Was Abysmal…

Wow, this is really, really pathetic.  Just 36.4 percent of eligible voters cast a ballet in this year’s mid-term election, the lowest percentage in 72 years!  The last time voter turnout was this low was just after the start of WWII–which is understandable considering our nation just entered a World War after getting blindsided at Pearl Harbor.  Turnout in mid-term elections is always lower than in general elections, but 36.4 percent!  That is just shameful. As this article at Think Progress points out, Read More

2014 Mid-Terms: Youth Turnout is Abysmal–Again!

So another mid-term election is in the books and young people, once again, largely did not participate.  Early estimates show that only about 21 percent of those aged 29 and younger voted, and that age group made up only 12 percent of the electorate.  On the other hand, Americans aged 60 and over made up 40 percent of the electorate.  So is it any surprise that the Republican party crushed the Democrats? It should be noted that not all Millennials are part of the youth vote.  The oldest of us (including yours truly–boo!) Read More

Election Day 2014

Today, all the power goes back to the American people as we decide on 36 Senators, 36 state governors and all 435 members of the House of Representatives.  Per usual, our generation isn’t expected to have a strong showing, but I hope that if you are a reader of this blog that you will vote today, or have already voted today.  And please, tell your friends to vote too!  This isn’t just our right, it’s our duty.  And it is a right/duty that many brave Read More