Religion, Spirituality and Atheism

I read a very interesting article at titled, The Friendly Atheists Next Door.  The author spent 10 months with the Shaughnessy’s, a white, middle-class family of five from North Carolina.  The story centers around the father, Harry Shaughnessy, an outgoing and outspoken business owner, and former Irish Catholic.  Harry has a crisis of faith of sorts, and decides that Catholicism just doesn’t do it for him, so he and his wife decide to stop going to church.  A few years later Read More

Weekly Roundup

Sorry I missed this last week.  Here are some interesting reads, if you’re curious: Apparently saying “climate change” in Florida is a big no-no, because a state that is almost entirely surrounded by water will never have to worry about climate change Bless his heart, President Obama is trying his darnedest to help student loan borrowers A recent Gallop Poll found that most Americans say that government is our country’s #1 problem — well, this is what you get when you don’t vote, folks Read More

Obama’s Uninformed Message to Young Voters

Politicians are sometimes not very in-touch with what voters want.  Case in point — President Obama’s recent “advice” to young voters about what issues they should care about most.  The President criticized Millennials for caring more about marijuana legalization than more important issues like the economy, climate change and war and peace. When an interviewer for Vice News suggested to the President that young people would consider marijuana legalization as a top item when considering his legacy, President Obama responded by stating Read More

Are Millennials Actually Racist?

If asked what generation alive today is the most racially tolerant, I would guess that the vast majority of people would say Millennials.  And indeed, they would be mostly right.  However, recent events — like the disgusting racially-charged chant by members of a University of Oklahoma fraternity — have brought into question just how racially tolerant Millennials really are.  I recently came across an interesting Politico article that suggests that Millennials aren’t the post-racial generation that most people believe we are. The Read More

International Women’s Day

I missed posting about this yesterday as I was attending to a personal matter, but yesterday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day.  Every year this particular day seems to get more recognition, which is encouraging because that means that more and more people are taking the plight of women and girls throughout the world seriously, and also acknowledging that while women have made a lot of progress over the last several decades, inequality of the genders remains a critical problem. I have remarked several Read More

Weekly Roundup

Some interesting and informative reads from the last week: A solid majority of Americans now think we should send ground troops to fight ISIS And–for the first time in history–a slight majority of Americans now think marijuana should be legalized for recreational use Most Americans don’t know that their employer provided healthcare is subsidized by the government A study by two economists at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia strongly suggests that white privilege does exist According to measurements from multiple sources, Arctic sea ice is Read More