Violence in Baltimore

I’m sure most of you are aware of the chaos and violence that took place in Baltimore last night.  As of right now, 20 police officers were injured, over 200 arrests were made, 144 cars were set on fire and destroyed, buildings were burnt to the ground and stores were looted.  The Governor declared a state of emergency and right now 2,000 members of the Maryland National Guard are now in Baltimore to help keep the peace.  Other local law enforcement agencies Read More

The Death of Freddie Gray

Since I am from and currently live in Baltimore, the upheaval surrounding the death of Freddie Gray literally hits home for me.  I’m no stranger to the high level of crime, drug use and violence of Baltimore.  As a matter of fact, I’m quite desensitized to much of this stuff, sadly.  Seeing what we call a heroine zombie or someone doing the “dope feign lean” is perfectly normal and happens quite frequently (think Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s). Similarly just about every night Read More

Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day!!!  Our planet is being celebrated today as people around the world take a moment to appreciate this beautiful rock floating in space that we affectionately call home.  Unfortunately, we usually aren’t very kind to Mother Earth.  We don’t respect her and give her the appreciation and love she deserves.  It does seem like more and more people are waking up to this harsh reality and finally admitting that we, humanity, are destroying our planet.  We are recognizing that we have Read More

Weekly Roundup

I know I’ve skipped a few weeks (sorry), and since I will be away this weekend I wanted to get this up today.  Here are some interesting reads from the last couple of weeks: An Oklahoma lawmaker tries to change Uber’s company policies regarding discriminating against the LGBT community The nitty gritty on medical marijuana Seven states are close to legalizing marijuana The current state of pay equality in America…shocker — men are paid more than women in EVERY state A majority Read More

2016 Presidential Candidates

So far, the 2016 Presidential Candidates are big names with lots of experience.  The first heavy weight from the GOP to announce his candidacy was the fiery Ted Cruz (R-TX).  Shortly thereafter the controversial Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, announced his run.  And last week there was the Libertarian darling, Rand Paul (R-KY). Then on Sunday — not to anyone’s surprise — Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party. And just a little bit ago Marco Rubio (R-FL) gave his big announcement. Read More

The Benefits of Gardening

Why Growing a Vegetable Garden This Spring Could Benefit Your Mind, Body and Soul Written by Helen Baynes With Spring upon us, now is the opportune time of year to set up a vegetable garden. The practice of growing your own produce has been steadily gaining popularity for years now and far from the outdated perception of it being a pastime aimed at the older generation, one British study indicates that many younger people find gardening cooler than going to the movies! Anyone can Read More