State of the Union 2016

Last night President Obama gave the final State of the Union speech of his presidency.  I thought it was a good speech.  He gave an overview of the greatest hits of his time in office, took some good jabs at the GOP — specifically the GOP presidential candidates — talked about the all of the important work that still needs to be done, explained why the U.S. remains a great country (and is still undeniably the most powerful nation in the world), and Read More

A Year of Letting Go and Pushing Forward

For those of you who are familiar with Numerology, you probably know that 2016 is a 9 Universal Year.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Numerology, let me explain. There are nine numbers in numerology — 1 through 9 — along with the master numbers 11 and 22, and each number has its own vibrations and energies that give it specific characteristics.  The reason there are only nine numbers, by the way, is because all other numbers can be reduced Read More

Happy 2016!!!

Happy 2016!!  Here’s to a new year and new possibilities!  I always love the beginning of the year as it represents a clean slate.  However, I’m not really into making resolutions.  My hope for every year is to just continue making forward progress in my life and as a person. Well, there is so much to discuss already…Obama’s tearful Executive Order speech on closing gun control loopholes, Oregon militiamen taking over government land,  China potentially destroying the world economy, North Korea potentially testing Read More