Why I Believe the Future is Bright

When I decided to start this blog, I really only had one objective:  to inspire and empower members of the Millennial Generation to build a better future.  Throughout the last five years, this website has been a labor of love. Many times I have faltered in my dedication to it, but I’ve never completely abandoned it. You might surmise that my periods of apathy were because I felt that there was no hope for the future. With all the terrible things happening in the Read More

The Best Exercises for Anxiety and Stress

The Best Exercises to Shrink Anxiety & Stress By:  Lauren Byrd If you exercise regularly, then you probably know the feeling of those awesome endorphins that are released after a workout. If you work a stressful job or deal with anxiety, sometimes all you need is a little activity to get your mind off your problems and clear your head. Since Millennials tend to be more anxious and depressed than other generations, committing to a steady workout routine can help combat this Read More