Love is the Answer

Our country is reeling from another mass shooting — this time the worst in our nation’s history. Like the vast majority of the world, I’m utterly heartbroken.  I cried several times yesterday watching the news. However, there is always a silver lining to tragedy, and it usually centers around how much it brings people together. The ironic thing about these mass shootings is that they are born of hate and fear, yet the response is largely one of love and acceptance. Yesterday, Read More

It’s Time to End Rape Culture for Good

A young woman was brutally sexually assaulted at a party at Stanford University.  She was passed out drunk when some despicable little shit heinously violated her. The sentence he received for this egregious crime — three months in jail and three years probation. Rightfully so, most people are outraged at this.  I certainly am, and my outrage intensified exponentially when I read the victim’s statement that she read to her violator in court. But reading it wasn’t easy. I read the first few paragraphs and had Read More

Back From Hiatus

My apologies for the recent absence.  I moved residences and started a new full-time job all at the same time so I’ve been a busy little bee lately.  Hoping to get back to blogging more regularly now that I’m getting settled.  There is certainly lots to talk about! Here’s a friendly reminder to vote this November.  I’ll be blogging about this a lot in the coming months.