Why Trumpcare Was a Bust

Trumpcare is done for the foreseeable future.  The plug was pulled on the disastrous bill after it quickly became clear that it didn’t have the support to go through the House of Representatives. Why is that?  Well, maybe it was because so many Americans made their voices heard at Town Hall meetings, or by calling and emailing their Representatives…so much so that these Representatives has listened the their constituents and decided not the support the bill. This is democracy in action, folks. And I’m so Read More

Happy International Women’s Day

The main purpose of this website is to empower and inspire Millennials to cultivate powerful and enduring positive change in the United States and the world. One of the most important and world-altering changes we can make is in how we treat, respect and appreciate women. As this day is a reminder of the important roles women play in every aspect of our society, our economy and the political landscape, let’s make a strong commitment to giving women and girls equal opportunity, Read More