Are Conservatives Purposefully Making it Harder for Millennials to Vote?

That’s what this recent article from the New York Times suggests. And it is true that the groups who would be most hurt by the new voter ID laws being passed by conservative legislatures across America are minorities, the poor and the young–all of which tend to vote heavily Democratic. And as the article points out, some conservatives have actually admitted to wanting to keep young people from voting.

A central part of democracy is the power of the people to choose their own leaders. If that right is infringed on in any way then democracy essentially ceases to exist. And the pathetic excuse proponents of these laws are using is voter fraud, yet (again, as the article points out) they can’t provide evidence to support this claim–because there isn’t any. Thankfully the Justice Department is starting to take action, like in South Carolina where they just blocked the new voter ID law. And even Americans are fighting back, as in Maine where voters voted to restore Election day registration after Republicans repealed it last year.

I hope these infuriates Millennials, because it damn well should. There are some people who are actively trying to take away one of our most basic democratic rights–the right to vote. And not only should we be angry, but we should stick it to them by voting in huge numbers this November, which we should do anyway. It is kind of sad how only a little more than half the country votes in elections anymore, what with all that men and women did in the past to give us this right. We owe it to them, and to all the disenfranchised people the world over who don’t have the right to freely and fairly pick their leaders, to vote every chance we get.

Over at Campus Progress, they have been following this story and have some great resources for anyone interested.

Voter ID Map via Campus Progress