Millennials Must Vote!!!!!

In less than two months we will have the most important election in U.S. history, and Millennials MUST vote in high numbers.  I cannot stress this enough.  There is so much at stake, particularly considering that the outcome of this election will largely establish the direction toward which the nation (and the world) will trend. One direction represents increasing division, fear, wealth inequality, intolerance, segregation and selfishness — basically, going backwards about 50-60 years.  The other direction, while progressive in nature, still doesn’t move the needle far enough to the meet the level of change and progress that we need, or that Millennials generally want.  But, as I’ve pointed out several times over the years on this blog, if we want change, WE must be that change.  To quote Henry David Thoreau, “Things do not change; we change.”

Confession:  When I first started writing this very blog post, it was originally going to be the last one ever, because I had decided to stop updating and blogging indefinitely.  But as I was writing the post, trying to find the words to adequately explain why I was giving up on something I had once poured my heart and soul into, I thought back to why I started the website to begin with, and I realized that I couldn’t quit.  Truthfully, there have been many times over the years that I’ve desperately wanted to just give up and move on with my life.  But it feels as if there is a force beyond my control that just won’t let me do it.  Every time I try, it drags me back, kicking and screaming, to march on.  And it reminds me of when I started this long, difficult and frustrating journey…

About 11 years ago in late 2007, I had an epiphany that changed my life.  At that time our nation was embroiled in two separate but connected wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), our government was becoming increasingly partisan and incompetent, and our economy was starting to show signs of serious turmoil. The then 25-year-old version of me was extremely worried about the state of our country and the world.  I felt like we were heading straight for destruction, and if we didn’t wake up and start taking the threats we face seriously, it wouldn’t be long before we’d hit the point of no return.  I didn’t, however, expect that we would be where we are right now.  Wow, did things escalate quickly.

The epiphany I had 11 years ago was that my generation, whom I discovered are called Millennials, will be the generation to step up and act forcefully and resolutely to cultivate the positive and enduring change the world so desperately needs. I strongly felt that my generation was destined to do this, and more than that, I felt this urgent calling to do whatever I could to spread that message to as many Millennials as possible.

However, we are much worse off today than we were in 2007. I expected that the state of nation/world would worsen, but again, I didn’t expect this.  However, strange as it may seem, as I’ve watched the world fall deeper into a state of chaos, instead of feeling increasingly worried and afraid, I am now more certain than ever that we are going to get through this time of crisis, and that Millennials really are going to change the world.

My intention with this website/blog has always been simple: I hope it will be a source of inspiration and empowerment for Millennials to be the change they want to see in the world.  While I want to use this particular blog post as a chance to, yet again, mention how important it is for young people to vote in the upcoming election, there is something far more important that our generation needs to understand — the need to love and respect one another.  For if I had to use just one word to describe what I aspire the Millennial Generation’s legacy to be, that word would be love.

In a world full of numerous falsehoods and deliberate misinformation, it can be extremely hard to discern the truth.  I’ve realized that love is the only truth.  Every soul on Earth is here for the same reason: to love unconditionally.  We are here to transcend the illusion of separation, and to feel our connection to each other and to all of creation — a tough task that has been made even more difficult by the strong presence of darkness in the world. This darkness is perpetuated by lost souls who need help finding their way back to the path of light and love.  We must be the source of light and love that guides them back.

It may not seem like it, but we have the great fortune of being alive during very auspicious times. Our generation has an incredible opportunity to dramatically change the course of human history — in fact, we can change the course of Earth’s history.  What the world needs right now is not a revolution, but an evolution.  Fortunately, an evolution is taking place that is guaranteeing we will succeed in changing the world forever — an evolution of consciousness.

“It is within your humanity that you will recognize your divinity.

We are all one.  Ours is one reality, one energy, one perception.  the mind cannot grasp this fact or accept it without battle, but the heart is yearning to know it.”


Each day more of us begin to remember our Divine roots.  As the quote posted below explains, we are remembering that we are not human beings searching for a spiritual awakening, but spiritual beings coping with a human awakening.  Without a doubt, our human experience has taught us a lot — it has taught us about fear and courage, scarcity and affluence, anger and contentment, suffering and happiness, oppression and freedom, indifference and love, violence and peace, division and unity.  These polarities have made us appreciate life on a level that our souls have never known.  It has been an enriching experience for sure, but it has also become very dangerous as the darker side of the polarity threatens to consume us indefinitely.

Thus, the time has come for us to awaken to the truth that we are one with All That Is.  That the labels we give ourselves arise from the ego, and these labels are used by the “Powers That Be” to program us into believing that the color of our skin matters, or that our religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, job title, or income level make us inferior or superior to others.  When we truly know and feel that we are all ONE, none of that matters.  We become fully conscious Beings, which allows us to celebrate our uniqueness without losing sense of our unity.  The more of us who awaken to this truth, the more we transform the collective consciousness of humanity.

Always remember this, my friends:  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  It is the ultimate form of strength, and the best source of creation. Most importantly, it is the only path to genuine peace.  Thus, if we want to live in a peaceful world, we must do everything with the intention of love.  If we do, we will build a New Earth on the foundation of that love.  And with true, unconditional love as the foundation, whatever we build we be indestructible.

No matter how much darkness there is in the world, there is far more light.  We are the light, and we must shine our light for those lost souls who are trapped in darkness.  In fact, it is imperative that during this time of extreme chaos and uncertainty, we increase the luminosity of our light by holding the intention of love and peace as often as we can.  By doing so, we will raise the vibration of humanity and create a powerful and everlasting paradigm shift on the planet.  We can do all that by simply choosing love. The power of our love will transform the world.

Understand that every one of us is on our own unique journey, but we are all headed to the same destination — to a peaceful state of pure unconditional love, both individually and collectively. The path we individually take is the one that is most appropriate for our personal soul growth and the one that best serves our personal journey.  But since we are all going at a pace that is appropriate for us individually, this also means that some of us are further along than others.

However, if we want to continue moving forward and bring the human collective closer to a constant state of peace and love, we must refrain from judging others who aren’t as “advanced” as we may be. Understand that we assist those individuals best by showing them love and compassion.  What we judge in others, we strengthen in ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we just let others do whatever they want.  If, for example, someone becomes violent then of course we need to defend ourselves. What is most important, however, is that we refrain from allowing the behavior of others to drag us down into a state of constant anger, fear and sanctimonious chastisement.

You will still get immensely angry and frustrated at times.  And you will still experience moments of despair and fear.  That is to be expected and it is okay to feel those things.  In fact, we shouldn’t suppress any of our emotions, because if we do we cannot process them.  Feel what it is you need to feel, but if it is of a negative vibration, you must eventually transmute it into love.  Don’t let the negativity consume you.  That does the world no good.  The world needs more light and love, not darkness and fear.

Try your best to look past the ego in others, and you will see their true soul.  We are all Beings of Light — a direct aspect of the unconditional love of Source (aka, God, the Creator).  We must be the peace and love we want to see in the world.  When others express anger, fear, intolerance and hate, we must raise our vibration of peace and love to counter it.  Hold your light for them, open your heart for them — no matter how difficult it is, we must do it as often as possible.  That is the ultimate expression of strength.  It is far easier to drop down into your ego and react from that place of resentment and fear.  Don’t go there — respond with love and compassion.  The ego (mind) reacts, the heart (soul) responds.

As Eckhart Tolle said, “Challenges are the lifeblood of all evolution.”  The immensely difficult times we live in are forcing us to awaken to our true divine nature; forcing us to understand how powerful we truly are; forcing us to realize that we are the creators of our reality; and most importantly, forcing us to remember that we are all here with one single, shared purpose:  to love unconditionally.

In less than two months we have yet another extremely important election.  I said two years ago that the 2016 general election was the most important in our nation’s history, and I was right — at that time it absolutely was.  But now, this upcoming mid-term election is the most important in our nation’s history, and our generation has got to vote!!!!!  Vote out of love for country, love for humanity, and love for Mother Earth.

I’ve recorded another video where I discuss the supreme important of voting.  This video is only about 12 minutes long — much shorter than my last video — so please watch and please, please share.  And for the love of all things holy, make sure you vote on November 6th.  Millennials are the largest generation in the electorate right now, so if enough of us vote we will bend this election — and thus the country– in whatever direction we want it to go.  That gives us tremendous power.  If you aren’t convinced why you should vote, watch the video.  I’m quite confident it will change your mind.

If you need to register to vote or you want to learn more about your voting rights, how voting works in your state, and any important dates and deadlines, go to Rock The Vote to find out more.

Our time has come, my fellow Millennials.  As the great Thomas Paine said:  “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”  It has become quite clear that our generation is poised to begin the world over again.  We have already begun building a New Earth on the foundation of peace, unity, and LOVE.  This has always been our destiny, and this is why our generation’s legacy will be legendary.

Always choose love.  Always be love.  And watch the world change.

P.S.  The video below is of Oprah Winfrey interviewing the celebrated Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.  His words and advice are immensely powerful, and I highly recommend you take 22 minutes to watch this interview.

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