It should be no surprise that Millennials are the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in American history. As of 2008, 58 percent of Millennials are reportedly white or Caucasian and 42 percent were a minority. And it is estimated that because of ongoing immigration, by the year 2020 these numbers will be 56 to 44 percent. Millennials view diversity as a way to create unity in our country as opposed to using so-called “identity politics” to divide the country. In fact, a January, 2010 Pew Research Center Study revealed that 67 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds agreed that increasing ethnic and racial diversity is a good thing. Also, a large majority of Millennials disagree with the statement, “I don’t have much in common with people of other races,” and we are twice as likely as Generation X was in their youth to disagree with this statement.

Our diversity will be crucial to us as we attempt to overcome some big issues like racism, immigration, sexism, homosexuality and religious differences. We are very open-minded about these things, so we don’t really care about the color of your skin, what country you come from, what gender you belong to, what gender you are attracted to, and even what God or Gods you pray to (if any at all). While the rest of our nation remains divided over these things, Millennials, on the other hands, aren’t so divided. And when we take over, this will help us to resolve these issues far more easily than it is now.

Our country still has a ways to go before we finally live up to those famous words written in the Declaration of Independence, that “all men are created equal.” But Millennials are poised to take us much closer, which is certainly on par with our Civic role.

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