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So this should be the least surprising Millennial characteristic. Pretty much everyone knows that Millennials are the most tech-advanced generation ever. We are the first generation to grow up constantly connected to the world, and are what the Pew Research Center has labeled “Digital natives in a land of digital immigrants.” Without a doubt, we have embraced technology like no other generation.

Millennials do everything tech-related in higher percentages than all other generations. We are the most likely to use the internet and send or receive an email at least occasionally (90 percent reportedly do), although Gen X and Boomers aren’t far behind (at 87 and 79 percent, respectively). And Millennials are not only most likely to have created a profile on a social networking site, but we are also most likely to visit our profile page “several times a day” (29 percent say they do, compared to 19 percent of Gen Xer’s and 11 percent of Boomers). Furthermore, we are the only generation with a majority reporting that they visit their profile page “several times a day” as opposed to “once a day”, “every few days”, or “once a week or less.” And we also have more positive attitudes about technology than other generations–we are the most likely to say that technology makes life easy rather than harder, are the most likely to say technology brings people closer together than drives them further apart, and are the most likely to say that technology allows people to use their time more efficiently.

Furthermore, Millennials are doing our part to advance technology as well. The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is a Millennial. Not only is Facebook the number one social networking site used around the world, it is now used by anyone and everything. Businesses, non-profits, politicians, radio stations, news stations, movies, bands, anything and anyone can have a Facebook page and most (if they are smart) already do. It has even played a big role in changing politics–just ask President Obama. And the co-founder of, Chris Hughes, has recently launched, a social network that connects individuals who want to “change the world” with non-profit organizations so that they can find more ways to get involved in the issues that matter to them. This is a great example of how Millennials are utilizing technology to improve our world.

Technology will be the Millennial Generation’s greatest ally as we confront the problems before us. We see it as a means to provide a better future for all. In essence, Millennials believe that with technology anything is possible, and we will live by that creed.

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