Building a Legacy

Generations usually don’t think about their legacy until they are actually about to pass it on to the next generation. But what if they began to think about their legacy when they were still young? How much would that change the way they approach dealing with the major issues they confront? If a generation thinks about how the decisions they make today will affect the future for their children and grandchildren 50 years from now, will that change the decisions they make in the present? I’m betting it would.

This is why Millennials must start to think about the kind of legacy we want to build beginning now. The decisions that are made today will no doubt have consequences down the road. Like when something falls into a calm lake, it creates ripples that continue across the water. If the object is large and heavy, the ripples will be bigger and continue longer; it will even create a large splash. On the other hand, if the object is small and light, the ripples will be tiny and end quicker. Each decision made today will have a ripple effect. Some decisions will be huge and therefore will bring about bigger consequences; others will be small with minor consequences. And these consequences may not necessarily be negative–hopefully they will be positive. But make no mistake, there will be consequences of some kind.

Our generation’s legacy is in its infancy, but even so we still have to seriously start thinking about the kind of legacy we want to build. Time is of the essence, and the longer we wait to bring about the needed changes to our country and the world, the harder it will be to institute these changes down the road. So will we make the difficult sacrifices, put in the hard work and remain deeply committed to resolving the Crisis we have on our hands? Will our legacy be linked to an era of renewal and prosperity, progress and innovation? Or will our legacy be linked to an era of catastrophe, chaos and ruin? This is entirely up to us to decide, and the fate of the country and the world rest in this vastly important decision.

So, my fellow Millennials, ask yourselves one simple question: What kind of a legacy do you want to build?